Obama, the ultimate birther jokester

Why are President Barack Obama's (D) acolytes so upset at Mitt Romney's (R) jokingly truthful jab about birthplaces? Didn't Obama himself admit that he was born in Kenya when he willingly mentioned his Kenyan birthplace to his literary agents who recruited the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review to write something?

Oh sure, he was a mere pup of 29 and fresh out of Harvard Law School so he may have been a bit confused. So confused that maybe, since the circumstances of Obama's admittance to law school, his funding for such an expensive education, his grades and other pertinent information about his time there and at Columbia are mysteriously unavailable, Obama was afraid Harvard would discover he was actually born in humdrum Hawaii and was not really a foreign student thus canceling the diversity advantage that gave him his Harvard admissions ticket?

Obama's lying joke seems to have backfired and his adoring fans are bearing the brunt. So joke away Mitt Romney. And maybe Tina Fey will actually joke that she can see Kenya from Hawaii.