More Questions Raised by 'You Didn't Build That'

Some perspectives on Obama's ridiculous "If you've got a business-you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen" statement.

  1. If I owe others for my success, don't they owe me? Doesn't everyone owe everyone else? Wouldn't all this just cancel out, leaving only individual drive, initiative, and entrepreneurship? 
  2. Variation: if everyone owes everyone else, shouldn't it be by the amount of taxes they pay? So, shouldn't the 50% who pay no taxes owe the top 5% the most? And, since the 50% who pay no taxes vote mainly for Obama, doesn't he actually owe the top 5% for his presidency, and so shouldn't he represent their views? 
  3. If each of us owes others for their success, doesn't Obama owe others too? I haven't seen him give thanks to America for what's been handed to him.
  4. If Americans owe others, what about in the 1800's when there were no roads, bridges, public schools or first responders? Whom did they owe?
  5. Don't we pay for government roads, bridges, schools, teachers, internet, and first responders with our taxes? Is Obama claiming that government services are being underpriced, since we still owe? But government workers are paid more than their private sector counterparts. So, is Obama arguing that government is even more inefficient than we first thought? Isn't that bad?
  6. What about our armed forces? If they kill our enemies, did someone else do that?
  7. If you sue a business but someone else is responsible, how do you get compensated and from whom? 
  8. If someone else is responsible for the success of a business and not its management, how do they get compensated? Who sets the compensation rates?
  9. If we talk about owing government for roads, bridges, teachers, internet, and first responders, doesn't government itself owe someone for creating the earth, air, sky, waters, heavens, animals, and plants? Doesn't Obama's argument naturally evolve into thanking God?

10.  If you are an expatriate working in a foreign country using their roads, bridges, schools, first responders, and internet, does that mean you owe them, too? How much, and who do you pay? Don't they owe you, too, if you pay taxes in that foreign country?

11.  Wouldn't the same thing apply if you took a vacation somewhere? What about tourists in the USA- do they owe us just for the privilege of being here and using our public infrastructure? And then, what about illegal aliens, don't they owe us, too? 

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