Maybe for Obama 'Stuck in the Mud' is exactly what he wants

I was shocked to see this headline on the "new" Economy may be permanently stuck in slow-growth mode What the author, John Schoen, ignored throughout the article was the 800 pound gorilla in the room -- Obama's European-style socialist vision. Let's start with the graph he included at the top of the article - While the graph points out the staggering failure of Obama's policies and his stimulus, Mr. Schoen still tries to candy coat the situation by inserting the word "growth" into the title of the article and then following up "Stuck in the Mud" with yet another reference to growth, "the economy continues to grow". It's hard to imagine that if a Republican was in control of this "growth" he would be so generous in his choice of words. As a matter of fact, the author manages to never mention the words "Democrat" or "Obama" anywhere in his 25 paragraphs. To correct some of these oversights, I would suggest that we begin by revising the graph as follows:   As for...(Read Full Post)