Lebanon close to the edge of chaos as Syrian civil war rages on

This was invevitable given the factionalization of Lebanon, divided as it is between Sunnis and Shias, with a large Christian population that is itself divided. What divides them is Syria and the civil war that continues to rage. Riots have broken out in Beirut as well as along the Lebanese Syrian border. And the Hezb'allah dominated government is powerless to stop it. Wall Street Journal: Rival extremist Shiite and Sunni groups kidnapped Syrians and staged violent riots near the Syria-Lebanon border on Thursday, as the bloodiest Arab Spring crisis pushed neighboring Lebanon into deeper unrest. The Mukhtar al-Thaqfi Brigade, an obscure Shiite armed group, said it had captured 10 members of the rebel Free Syrian Army operating in Lebanon on Thursday. Separately, the Meqdad family, a powerful Shiite clan that had taken 40 Syrians and a Turkish citizen hostage on Wednesday, vowed to continue to target Syrians perceived to sympathize with the country's rebels until they released...(Read Full Post)