How stupid does the Obama campaign think Americans are?

Transparency? Here's some Real Transparency

Good grief! How stupid does the Obama campaign think Americans are? How much contempt do those Chicago elitists have for those of us out here clinging to our guns, our religion and because of them and their incompetent leader, our livelihoods?  I'm referring, of course, to this latest bit of preposterousness emanating from the White House spinmeisters: the turnout crowds at Obama campaign events are intentionally small because we're deliberately controlling access to maintain an atmosphere of intimacy between the great one and our true Kool-Aid drinkers.

Excuse me, but Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Sure you are, Axelrod. As any successful political campaign consultant will tell you, it's really smart to keep the crowds small and make that really close, confidential connection.  Sure it is, especially at fundraisers.  That's a real formula for winning, know what I mean?  Who wants the tens of thousands of enthusiastically cheering voters who are turning out at the Romney/Ryan events?  That's just so gauche and totally unbecoming, not to mention a testimony to the coarseness and unsophistication of those spiritual, gun-loving knuckle-draggers who unfortunately occupy such a large geographical portion of America. Bunch of damn Tea Party fools, don't you agree Mr. Plouffe? When you and Axelrod write your book chronicling the disastrous and failed campaign you concocted in 2012, perhaps the chapter on limiting the crowds at Obama events should be titled:

Crowds? We don't need no stinking crowds!

Truth is folks, this transparently laughable idiocy isn't aimed at the kinds of Americans who read American Thinker; no, it's hard targeted on those who are hopelessly unaware and eternally naive. Unaware and naive are the nicest possible excuses you can make for people willing to believe that a messianic politician really doesn't want to be greeted at every stop by massive, adoring, idol-worshiping crowds like he was the last time around.

And these are the fools who look down their elitist noses at the rest of America.