Do You Have an Inalienable Right to Your Neighbor's Labor?

This next presidential election presents a choice between two social contracts: the socialist-fascist contract of Mr. Obama and the Democrat Party1, and the limited government-free enterprise-capitalist contract of Mr. Romney2 and the Republican Party.  To help you choose your contract, please answer the following question.  A simple Yes or No will do. Do you have and inalienable right to your neighbor's labor? I use the term inalienable in the same sense it was used in our Declaration of Independence: a right self-evidently granted by Nature's God and Creator.  It is a permission granted to you by no other merit than your existence.  It does not come from others or a government; you are born with it, and to diminish it is inherently evil and against the natural order. If you believe that you have this right, than it is perfectly acceptable to demand that your neighbor labor for you, and you for him.  Practically extending this right, you have a right to the...(Read Full Post)