Confessions of an Ex-Liberal

Bill Whittle has nailed it. He has spoken the truth about how liberals view conservatives (skip to the 1:55 mark for this part): Liberals think that conservatives are: a)     Old b)     Stupid c)     Evil d)     Some of the above e)     All of the above   Indeed. When I was a liberal, this was exactly the way I saw conservatives. Let's start with Evil. I would have a knee jerk reaction to any conservative assuming - knowing - they were rich, greedy, uncaring, selfish, and arrogant. Oh, and they liked to go to war just for the hell of it. In a word: Evil. I would not listen to conservatives talk on any issue because of my rock solid belief that they were horrible human beings who cared not a whit for others. In this way, a feedback loop was created such that when a conservative would speak, I knew they were evil and felt no desire to listen. (Why get aggravated, right?) Or,...(Read Full Post)