Calling All Gun Owners!

Hey gun owners, I've got a job for you. It's inspired by several comments on a recent AT article where some savvy readers found that when they exposed a liberal to the world of shooting, it opened up the door to a meaningful conversation about politics, founded on our 2nd Amendment rights. This, then, became a starting point to shift their thinking to our side. It's never been more crucial to nurture these shifts so we can win this most important election of our lifetime.

So I'd like to share their stories in a slightly edited form...

Standing Wolf:  I met all too many self-proclaimed liberals. After awhile, I noticed well over half of those I invited to accompany me (one at a time) to shooting ranges underwent epiphanies.... Start new shooters with safety talks, safety demonstrations, safety reminders, safety quizzes, and more safety demonstrations. Not only is it an important thing to do, it also lets new shooters know we're not wild-eyed, witless apes they've seen and heard about on television.... Hold off talking about saving a woman's life with a gun for the drive back from the range rather than to it.... Nothing erodes anti-Second Amendment bigotry like an hour's range time. Discovery encourages discovery. The first taste of truth doesn't necessarily lead immediately to a lifelong passion for it, though I've seen that happen as well.
In response to Standing Wolf were noteworthy comments by AJS and lobman:

AJS: This really resonates with me, since I was the liberal friend that was finally persuaded to visit a shooting range. In a short period of time I had become an NRA member and a strong defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. Once I relaxed and decided to be more true to myself, the journey rightward began. I took one of those online political tests the other day and it showed that I am in the most conservative 10% of the population. And, truly, it did start at the shooting range.

lobman: The idea of taking them to a range works wonders with their attitude toward the 2nd Amendment. Plus they learn that shooting is a heck of a lot of fun. A friend that I introduced to our range is now in the process of becoming an NRA instructor. Once they trust your expertise with firearms they are also willing to discuss politics with you.

This puts forth a fabulous, creative, and potentially effective approach to shift someone's views to our side. In this way, you can contribute to helping us maximize our numbers on Election Day, and beyond.

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