Another round of liberal debate moderators

The best conservatives can do with the announced litany of liberal presidential debate moderators is see it as an opportunity for Romney. DRUDGE today reports that the Presidential Debate moderators representing PBS, CNN, CBS and ABC will be Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer and Martha Raddatz, respectively. So, once again, we can look forward to softball questions lobbed toward President Obama, and "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" -like questions fired at Governor Romney. All across the nation, conservatives today are asking themselves this question:  Does the G.O.P. have a death wish, or is the Republican establishment run by progressive moles? Put that aside, and let's examine this development, hardly new, from a different perspective; not one with a Pollyannaish slant.  Let's see it as an opportunity.  (I know, that's what General Custer may have said.) We know that, in most if not all of the debates, the spin will be in.  So why not take former...(Read Full Post)