Another round of liberal debate moderators

The best conservatives can do with the announced litany of liberal presidential debate moderators is see it as an opportunity for Romney.

DRUDGE today reports that the Presidential Debate moderators representing PBS, CNN, CBS and ABC will be Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer and Martha Raddatz, respectively.

So, once again, we can look forward to softball questions lobbed toward President Obama, and "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" -like questions fired at Governor Romney.

All across the nation, conservatives today are asking themselves this question:  Does the G.O.P. have a death wish, or is the Republican establishment run by progressive moles?

Put that aside, and let's examine this development, hardly new, from a different perspective; not one with a Pollyannaish slant.  Let's see it as an opportunity.  (I know, that's what General Custer may have said.)

We know that, in most if not all of the debates, the spin will be in.  So why not take former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's response to spun questions from the liberal media in the G.O.P primary debates as the model.  He did not accept the premises of bent questions.

Romney should not only not accept those premises, but he should debunk them right up front. Without putting on his characteristic smile, cause this stuff isn't funny.  He should call-out the bias of the moderators -- who are definitely not moderate -- and reframe their questions when they're obviously slanted. 

What, do that and anger the moderators, thereby making them more bias?  The premise of that response is that they're cable of being more bias. They are not. They've topped out.

Gingrich received standing ovations from live crowds when he stood up to the spin.

Romney will receive standing ovations -- not from the split-allegiance or loaded audiences on-site at the debates, but from conservations watching their T.V.'s at home.

If Romney wants to fire up the base, he'll need to fire up his response to the inevitable biased questions, especially from Schieffer and Crowley.  He should take the initiative and note how the moderate just lobbed an underhanded softball to the President, and ask why the President was not queried about...whatever issue was deftly dodged.

That's the opportunity.  The threat is obvious -- a base dispirited by another round of simpatico, puff questions to Obama posed by faux journalists, shilling for the D.N.C. 

Betsy M. Galliher adds:In what can only be called the day's most predictable news, the line-up of moderators for October's three Presidential debates, and one Vice-Presidential debate, have been released. The names will come as no shock to conservatives: PBS's Jim Lehrer; CNN's Candy "some sort of ticket death wish" Crowley; CBS's Bob Schieffer; and ABC's Martha Raddatz. Apparently, Matt Drudge, Dennis Miller, Iowahawk, and Mark Steyn were not on the short list. Go figure.

The Presidential debates have been moderated by a media that works to put communists in office since, well, the fourth estate became overrun with communists. Presidential debates might be fair and balanced by design, but their commentators generally are not.

But before conservatives ballyhoo the inevitable, leftist moderators might just be gift, not curse, at least this time around. After all, friends, we're not talking John McCain here. There's no doubt Paul Ryan debating Joe Biden on October 11th will be the event of the political season, short of removing Biden and his boss from office. The smartest guy in the room is not the one to whom the moderator is beholden, and Romney and Ryan are more than capable of using that to their advantage. Let them have at, please. Even Romney has proven he can stick it to old media. Think a snide Brian Williams asking Romney if he was going to "pick a boring white guy" as his running mate, and Romney's quick quip, "you weren't available, Brian."

We finally have a ticket smart enough to put old media in its rightful place by pointing out and turning around leading, biased questions, blatant lies, nuanced narratives, and forcing Obama to defend his abysmal record. It will be, as Limbaugh might say, a teachable moment. For all we've endured the last four years, it will be welcome comic relief watching two smart men make example of a media that deserves to sink on the ship of its own biased ineptitude. I, for one, intend to enjoy the show.