Afraid to Come out of the Closet?

"I don't dare put a Romney bumper sticker on my car." "I'm too scared to put a Romney sign in front of my house." For those of you who live in solid red states, this is probably not an issue. But for everyone else, it often is. The sentiments above have become a common refrain in comments on many conservative blogs. People are scared. They're scared someone will key their car or slash their tires (or worse). They're scared someone will damage their home (or worse). What to do? The preference (based on my non-scientific study of blog comments in recent months) is to play it safe and avoid any risk. I can't say if this is wise, or not. It may well be. But the underlying fear is worth noting. In essence, we have now become a culture where the progressive left will resort to all manner of thuggery when confronted with opposing views. This is, needless to say, outrageous. It begs the question of how to cope with this new America we find ourselves in. How do civil people confront...(Read Full Post)