A Likeability Downgrade

Apparently, how "likeable" a candidate is impacts how people vote. And polls seem to indicate that Obama is more "likeable" than Mitt Romney.

No surprises there.

The only reason Obama is ahead in the polls on the likeability factor is because the media has painted him as they have.

They have made his cartoonish grin into a warm smile. They have decided that his past does not matter. They have covered his lies. They have downplayed his dubious associations. They have ignored his hatred for America.

No one nailed this issue so perfectly as Allen West in a recent interview (around the one min mark).

But now it seems we've sunk below chattering about Mitt Romney's level of likeability, as it is unclear to some if Mitt Romney can even be categorized as human.

But the task at hand remains: to use the most-watched moment of the Republican presidential campaign to humanize Mr. Romney in the eyes of voters...

I know we all take jabs at liberal rags and some even say we should stop referencing them.

But these media outlets have a powerful influence on the thinking of a large portion of the electorate. And when the media becomes propaganda, it is our duty to call them out every chance we get.

No one does this quite as well as Pat Condell in a must-watch video that, although targeting The Guardian newspaper in Britain, raises core issues that apply to our liberal rags here in the states, as well.

So, yeah. I agree with Pat Condell that we need to shine a light on our twisted media. And we need to shine a light on those who read such media.

We're in a tough battle. The media won't do us any favors. And far too many voters will vote for the grinning candidate despite the fact that life has been made far worse and far more dangerous on his watch.

As Sarah Palin recently said speaking about those who still support Barack Obama (Video, Transcript)

...these people who still have that addiction to the hopium that he had promised...have about 71 days to open up their eyes and realize the path he's put on us.

Let's give them a hand.