A History Lesson for Joe. An example of selective outrage for others.

Imagine the headline.

DemocratpPolitician from former slave state speaks of a return to chains before mostly black audience. Shocking.

One might conjure up images of a Mississippi Senator running his mouth a bit too much.

In reality it was the Vice President from Delaware.

Delaware was a "slave state" until 1865.  Even though it provided troops for the Union effort, slavery was legal in Delaware throughout the war and only was made illegal via the passage of the 13th amendment.  To the scholars of the war, Delaware was considered a "slave state."

This little history tidbit makes Joe's blunder even more awkward.  The indelicacy seems to have not registered with the media or the typical groups that are ultra sensitive to such language.  Groups that in the past, have not even required an actual statement, but only a suggestion.  Remember Ross Perot's "outrageous" gaffe when he referred to a similar audience as "folks"?  How could Mr. Perot have been so crass?              

What we are witnessing is just one more instance of "selective outrage", or the lack thereof.   NAACP, Sharpton, and Jackson types are lockstep in their mute response. Mr. President? Oh the hypocrisy.