Wash. Post, NY Times furious at Romney for demolishing their false Israeli-Palestinian narrative

With headlines blazing and printer's ink aplenty, the Washington Post and the New York Times turned downright apoplectic about Mitt Romney's comment in Jerusalem that differences in "culture" are the key to Israel greatly outpacing the Palestinian territories in economic performance. "Romney angers Palestinians with remarks on economy," reads a six-page headline in the Post.  "With Jerusalem Comment, Romney Raises Sparks," blares a six-column headline in the Times. The headlines are a tip-off that these two papers deem Romney's remark an unpardonable affront to their own narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  For years, they have blamed Israel for prolonging the conflict with the Palestinians and here comes Romney with one well-chosen word demolishing their basic thesis - that Israel is at fault for not making greater concessions, for refusing to divide Jerusalem, for expanding settlements. Take your pick.  But avert your eyes from any Palestinian...(Read Full Post)