The silence of the UN

UN Watch has further proof --not that it was needed--of international hypocrisy regarding innocent Israeli victims of international terrorism specifically and America in general.

A U.N. spokesperson said that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack "in the strongest possible terms." In fact, however, the U.N. chief's choice of terms was weak in comparison to his statement two weeks ago on the bombing of churches in Kenya. In that case, Mr. Ban rightly spoke of "terrorist" attacks, "reprehensible and criminal," (snip) Yet today he referred only to the deadly "bombing" of Israelis -- noticeably declining to describe it as an act of terrorism -- and he made no call for holding the perpetrators to account (snip)

• U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has remained silent on today's attack. By contrast, hours after the Gaza Flotilla incident of 2010, Ms. Pillay expresed her "shock" and condemned Israel. The top story on her office website instead criticizes Western states for how they combat terrorism, with America accused of having "dangerous" laws that violate due process. (snip)

• The U.N.'s 47-nation Human Rights Council has also stayed silent. By contrast, in 2004 it wasted no time in convening an emergency session to eulogize Hamas terrorist leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and to condemn Israel. Currently, the council is busy with yet another "fact-finding mission" into alleged Israeli human rights violations. The council has never mandated an inquiry into terrorism or rocket attacks targeting Israelis.

Expecting any positive action relating to decency and/or democracy from the Useless Nations organization, especially its Human Wrongs Council, is dangerously wishful thinking. Considering the Council supports the membership of such notorious terrorist supporting, terrorist enabling or just plain terrorist nations as Saudi Arabia, until recently Libya and others, their actions are an implicit endorsement of terrorism. Ban Ki-moon and Pillay are equally helpless regarding action against the ongoing horrors in Syria.

Contributing well over 1/5 of the UN's budget but enduring these criticisms against itself and its allies, the US in effect is wearing a kick me sign and paying others to kick us. Why?