The Return of the Iraqi WMD Controversy

As the situation in Syria worsens, governments around the world have suddenly begun to worry about chemical and biological weapons held by the Assad regime.  Israel reveals particular concern.  A report in The National explains: Syria has the world's biggest stockpile of chemical weapons and its missiles and rockets can reach any part of Israel, the deputy head of Israel's military said....Syria has not declared its chemical weapons stocks so the exact size of the arsenal is unknown. Now, news reports speak to a reported effort by Syria to move their stockpiles.  The Daily Beast reports: Obama administration officials tell The Daily Beast that the CIA has sent officers to the region to assess Syria's weapons program. One major task for the CIA right now is to work with military defectors to find out as much information on Syria's weapons of mass destruction, according to one U.S. official with access to Syrian intelligence. Significantly, further down in the...(Read Full Post)