The mystery of the Olympics: Empty seats at sold out venues

The scenes have been surreal. At some of the highest profile Olympic events, hundreds of empty seats have appeared on televisions, outraging many who were told the events were sold out. Reuters: Dispiriting images of rows of vacant rows at football stadiums, Wimbledon, the aquatic center and beyond has angered Britons who tried and failed to buy tickets in the buildup to the Games having been told they had sold out. More empty seats were reported on Sunday including at the equestrian dressage at Greenwich Park, despite the draw of Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Phillips making an Olympic debut. Heavy rain after a hot, dry spell also put a dampener on outdoor events on the second day of full sporting contest, as did the announcement that Uzbek gymnast Luiza Galiulina was provisionally banned from the Games for a positive drugs test. Olympic organizers launched an urgent inquiry into the seating fiasco to nail down precisely who had not taken up their places and why,...(Read Full Post)