That old gray lady, she ain't what she used to be

Well shut my mouth and call me preposterous. It seems like just yesterday I was on American Thinker lecturing one of our less-informed readers that the response to a request to review a newspaper article before it's published "is always and everywhere no." Maybe I recall it so clearly because it was yesterday. To add insult to injury, I explained that you don't ask because it makes you look naive and foolish. Not so with the New York Times, which now allows Obama and Romney representatives to fine-tune their quotes. I stand by one point in my argument: the practice has mostly been followed for the convenience for the reporter and to help meet deadlines. "Like many aspects of journalistic ethics, this rule tarts up an institutional benefit in the language of high purpose." But now the New York Times, America's former newspaper of record and today's Democratic Party organ, has turned my world on its head. Quotes from both the Obama and the Romney camps are now being fine-tuned by the...(Read Full Post)