Scott Brown Crystallizes the Transformation of the Democratic Party

This vehicle pays $12, 532 a year in vehicle and road taxes.

Has Elizabeth Warren ever driven behind this truck on her way to a Native American get together?  If she had, perhaps she would not say things such as "You built a factory out there. Good for move your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for."

I suspect the factory owner would have an issue with that comment.  She moves on to the factory's use of if the factory didn't pay for the hook ups and the service. She speaks of the police and fire department's availability as if the factory doesn't pay real estate taxes.

For Elizabeth, the glass isn't half full, it is over on its side. The factory is using its employees.  It is using the community.  It is using the infrastructure.  She fails to acknowledge the jobs created, the schools filled, the taxes paid, the ancillary businesses supporting the factory, the benefits of the created product to the community.  Who are people like Elizabeth Warren?  Where are their real world experiences?

Scott Brown's recent  political advertisement underscores just how much these Warren and Obama 'democrats' are in stark contrast to yesterday's Democrats. 


Scott Brown's political commercial underscores the change.  With audio clips from those past Democratic Presidents  applauding the free enterprise entrepreneurial spirit of America, Brown has juxtaposed the Democrats we remember with today's Democrats, and the difference is glaring.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

When was the last time a 'democrat' recited that?

A group of Congressional Dems  gather and travel to Cuba, and upon return,  praise Castro. Are these the same Democrats as Kennedy?  For those who remember, the answer is an emphatic NO.

Time for a name change.

Old line Democrats, the ones that would say "I may disagree with you, but I will defend your right to speak" seem no longer to exist. And if they do, they are coerced into submission by political fear and forces.  Some have made some quiet exits.  Evan Bayh retires.  Bill Daley, after getting a peek behind the 'curtain' as Chief of Staff made a hasty exit.  No Bill, this is not your daddy's Democratic Party.

So, is it time for a name change?  Perhaps the word "progressive" should be part of the new moniker.  They all seem to be members of some type of Congressional Caucus.  Maybe 'caucus' and 'progressive' can be melded to arrive at the new name. But certainly, those who operate under that "Democrat" name and no longer Democrats as we witnessed in the 20th century.

And Elizabeth, time for a road trip.  Get out of the Cambridge bubble. And when you are behind a commercial vehicle, read those bumper stickers about vehicle taxes.

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