Romney under Palestinian fire for unflattering remarks, but UN research backs him up

Before leaving Israel and heading to Poland, Mitt Romney threw diplomatic caution to the wind with remarks that prompted outrage from Palestinian leaders. First, by declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, Romney put himself at odds with President Obama, whose White House spokesman Jay Carney had no answer when reporters asked him to name the capital of the Jewish state.  Obama wants to leave his options open to push for a division of Jerusalem.  Romney flatly rejected any such option. Not surprisingly, Romney's acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israel's capital immediately drew vehement attacks from the Palestinian side.  Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority's chief negotiator and its de facto propaganda minister, let fly with such epithets as "racist, extremist, lacking in vision." But Romney wasn't through yet in throwing a pro-Israel gauntlet into his diplomatic brew.  At a political donors' breakfast, he offered his take on "dramatically stark...(Read Full Post)