Police now looking for 'person of interest' in Colorado massacre

Since the attack occurred, there have been questions about how James Holmes, the alleged murderer, was able to access an emergency door that allowed him to enter the theater. Could someone have opened the door for him? Police aren't saying anything, but sources are telling Fox Denver that authorities are now actively searching for a "person of interest" who apparently knew Holmes, went to school with him, and may have assisted him in some way. Sources tell FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph that a second man is now a person-of-interest in the Aurora theater shooting investigation. We are not disclosing his identity because he has not been charged. Twelve people were killed and 58 injured early Friday when James Egan Holmes allegedly opened fire inside the crowded theater. Neighbors of the person of interest say for the past two days there have been SWAT team and police cars in their alley and unmarked cars in street. "He's been there about a year," said one...(Read Full Post)