New York Times series on decline of middle class to run over next few months

I am sure it will be fair and balanced, since the conclusions seem to have already been reached in the introduction, which contains some questionable data on income shares (top 1% earn 20% of all income).

The Times sets the agenda for many local newspapers, NPR the network  evening news broadcasts , and CNN and MSNBC. So whatever is in the paper- rapacious finance guys, low tax rates for the rich, out sourcing of manufacturing jobs due to  vulture capitalism, will be magnified all over the media.

I cannot imagine why they chose to run this series the next few months.

They might begin, if they were serious, by looking at the tradeoff between exploding healthcare  benefit costs, and reduced salary growth. David Frum did this in a recent book. When you add in value of  the tax free healthcare benefit, the middle class is  doing  no worse than before by these Times comparisons.