Mr. Fix-it or Mr. Broke-it?

I find it remarkable that the done-nothing, rabble-rouser has the audacity to talk down to Mitt Romney regarding his business background:

"We won't be apologizing... Mr. Romney claims he's Mr. Fix-it for the economy because of his business experience, so I think voters entirely legitimately want to know what exactly is his business experience."

Mitt Romney has every reason to claim he has been Mr. Fix-it in scores of situations where his business acumen, clear-headedness and organizational skills enabled him to rescue companies (and our 2002 U.S. Winter Olympics) from impending disaster. In fact, one might reasonably suggest that this be the Romney campaign's new approach:

Who you gonna call? Mr. Broke-it or Mr. Fix-it?

While America's nightmare experience under Obama continues to careen toward insolvency, racial divisiveness and welfare statism, Mitt Romney has an actual record of restoring floundering companies to fiscal health and economic sanity. His background is precisely suited to restoring our nation's economic health.

Mitt's success rate at Bain is tallied at 80%. He is widely hailed as the savior of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Ask the stockholders at Staples, U.S. Marine or even Bain itself.   

Contrast Romney's business experience with The Big O's. A thorough examination of Loud Barry's business background provides precisely that: A big zero. Other than voting "present" on a number of business bills in the Illinois Senate, Obama's record has been uniformly anti-business. Unless, of course, you want to call Green Barry's stimulus support of his cronies and campaign bundlers from the absurd green energy market.  Then his record is merely one of abject failure.  Linking the campaign slogan "Forward" to windmill technology developed in the 1st century A.D. is risible. No more laughable however, than Obama's outreach to solar companies and other green technologies proven to be failures in Europe and Asia.

You can be certain that Romney, a wonkish technocrat with a penchant for research and hard work, will fill his administration with men and women who have proven their mettle in the actual world of business.  L'il Barry's Dream Team is far from the Eisenhower cabinet described as "eight millionaires and a plumber." More like 10 ideologues and a couple of tax cheats.

It's no wonder Americans feel like our country is broken. Barack Obama inherited the world's greatest super-power with a case of the sniffles. His acolytes would have you believe that America the patient was on its death-bed and, B.O., out of compassion, decided to put the patient to sleep. He has broken the back of our economy pandering to unions and handing out crony cash. The printing presses are running full speed ahead, debasing our currency. And Obama has done everything in his power to break the morale of middle America, peddling agnosticism, same-sex marriage, abortion-by government stipend, and free contraception for all.

And so it is with the American economy. While claiming to have saved the American auto industry by handing it off to the UAW, Obama effectively destroyed it. Unless you consider the Chevy Volt and Cash for Clunkers a forward-looking business model.  American energy industries continue to strain mightily against the restraints imposed upon it by the B.O. administration.

So, whaddaya say, America. who you gonna call? Mr. Fix-it or Mr. Broke-it?

Ralph Alter is a regular contributor to American Thinker.


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