Kurt Mix Counter-Attacks the DoJ

Former BP engineer Kurt Mix, the only person criminally charged in the Gulf Oil Spill, has launched his counter-attack against the Eric Holder's Justice Department. Mark Schleifstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, has the story. (Mix's attorneys) are asking prosecutors for a "bill of particulars" better explaining the indictment's charges -- in particular, which of the deleted messages forms the basis of the charges. At issue are "over 200" deleted text messages with a person listed as "supervisor" in the indictment and "over 100" deleted text messages with a person listed as "contractor." The motion also wants prosecutors to explain how deleting the messages affected the federal grand jury in New Orleans that was investigating possible criminal actions involving the oil spill. Mix's attorneys also want to know which grand jury proceeding Mix allegedly obstructed, including the date the grand jury was empaneled, the issue or issues it is or was investigating, and when the...(Read Full Post)