'Horseplay' at Penn State?

The verdict of the Freeh investigation was not a surprise to anyone who looked at the emails from February 2001 that were leaked to CNN on July 2nd.  They revealed that after Mike McQueary met with Vice President Gary Schultz and AD Tim Curley, Schultz planned to 1) have a talk with Jerry Sandusky, 2) tell The Second Mile, and 3) tell the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.   But Curley sent him an email the following day advising him that after talking it over with Joe Paterno, he felt "uncomfortable" reporting the incident to any authorities.  The matter should only be discussed with Sandusky.   President Graham Spanier agreed.  Not doing what the university was legally obliged to do was "humane" and "reasonable."  Schultz, while conceding this was indeed the "humane" approach, wanted to talk to the charity as well. The administrators claim that they had no idea of the gravity of the charges.  They believed that Sandusky had just...(Read Full Post)