Happy Independence Day! Could This Be Our Last?

Folks, I am in Las Vegas preparing for the Campaign to Defeat Obama July 4th Telethon.  We are raising funds to wage campaigns in four states which Obama won last election.  Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Nevada are in play this time around.  Fifty electoral votes are up for grabs, and of course, fifty electoral votes to Romney means fifty votes not going to Obama.  I am co-hosting the telethon.

The driver who took me to my hotel said Las Vegas is struggling; thousands have been laid off, and the housing market is in the tank.  We both wondered how on earth could Harry Reid have gotten re--elected.  But that's another story.

I could say this is our last July 4th as free Americans.  However, I refuse to believe that.  Yes, the task before us is quite challenging.  ObamaCare equals the end of freedom in America -- government control of every aspect of our lives, including who lives and who dies.  A death panel will decide whether or not it makes economic sense to approve grandma's transplant.  And by the way, to all those knuckleheads who believe the lie -- ObamaCare ain't free, and it will be rationed.

Decades of indoctrination by liberal media and public schools have created a generation unlike their parents -- people who were grateful for an opportunity to earn a living and did not feel entitled.  Our parents' mindset was that government welfare is something you take as a last resort until you get back on your feet.  Obama has 47% of the country on food stamps and is running ads to recruit more.

The massive dark cloud of ObamaCare looms large over our heads.  Many patriots are depressed.  I refuse to join their chorus.  I still believe that God has His Hand on America.

Patriots, we must vote out Obama and repeal ObamaCare.  This will require maintaining the House, winning the Senate, and dethroning our socialist dictator.

This is why I and my committed team of patriots along with conservative leaders across America are spending this Independence Day raising funds to take back America!  God help us.

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