Clinton leans on Netanyahu for more concessions, hails Abbas as peacemaker

Strip away all the obligatory diplomatic niceties during Secretary of State Clinton's 24-hour visit to Jerusalem and we're right back to the Obama administration's failed strategy of always leaning on Israel for concrete concessions and compromises, while letting Palestinian leaders off the hook. In meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, Clinton pressed Israel to take the initiative and offer new gestures and sweeteners to lure Palestinian President Abbas back to the negotiating table, according to Israeli media reports. Specifically, she asked Israel to approve small-arms transfers to the Palestinian Authority and to release Palestinian prisoners - without  any immediate reciprocity by Abbas. This puts a squeeze on Bibi.  If he doesn't submit to Clinton's arms twisting, he will be blamed for torpedoing the peace process.  If he obliges her, Abbas simply will pocket these new Israeli concessions --  and ask for more with help from the...(Read Full Post)