Americans no longer see global warming as #1 environmental problem

This is good news and is the result of hard work by climate realists who have interrupted the mad dash to carbon credits and economy-destroying treaties.

Washington Post:

Climate change no longer ranks first on the list of what Americans see as the world's biggest environmental problem, according to a new Washington Post-Stanford University poll.

Just 18 percent of those polled name it as their top environmental concern. That compares with 33 percent who said so in 2007, amid publicity about a major U.N. climate report and Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary about global warming. Today, 29 percent identify water and air pollution as the world's most pressing environmental issue.

Still, Americans continue to see climate change as a threat, caused in part by human activity, and they think government and businesses should do more to address it. Nearly three-quarters say the Earth is warming, and just as many say they believe that temperatures will continue to rise if nothing is done, according to the poll.

The findings, along with follow-up interviews with some respondents, indicate that Washington's decision to shelve action on climate policy means that the issue has receded - even though many people link recent dramatic weather events to global warming. And they may help explain why elected officials feel little pressure to impose curbs on greenhouse gas emissions.

The temperatures will continue to rise regardless. They have been rising for 20,000 years and thank the lord for that. If not, where I am sitting today would have a mile and a half of ice over my head. To believe we can alter future weather by destroying our economies is silly. The American people are listening to the debate and have placed climate change in proper perspective.

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