Why Does Obama Bow?

This is a topic rife with psychological and political implications, most of which will not be welcomed in the liberal world of Obama supporters. This supposedly most confident man we elected to lead our country to greatness back in 2008 seems to have some inherent tendency to show deference to foreign leaders of countries of far lesser global importance and strength than our own.

Why is this, the average American might ask?

My immediate assessment is that this is simply a manifestation of the huge fraud perpetrated against the American people in 2008 when we elected an inexperienced, first-term senator, whose major life accomplishment had been as a former community organizer, to be the president of the United States. He didn't deserve the position nor the honor. Nor did he deserve the phony Nobel Prize for Peace bestowed for nothing more than being Europe's loudest, leading, liberal barking dog. He well knew he didn't deserve the office or the honor and now, in moments of meeting more intelligent, more accomplished and more deserving politicians in the world, men and women of actual accomplishment in their own countries, he simply can't restrain himself from displaying his own acknowledgement of the fact that he is undeserving of being where he is. Call it Affirmative Action Induced Inferiority Syndrome, or AAIIS.

We did not become the most wealthy, the most powerful, the most influential nation in the world by accident, as it appears this affirmative action president  believes. That achievement came through hard work and sacrifice and a willingness to show the world through our always determined and, yes, even sometimes belligerent, posture that we, the people of America, believe that we have found the path to freedom and prosperity for humanity through our capitalistic economy and our republican form of government. A president who had come up the hard way, without the preferential treatment Obama received because he was half-black, might better understand the truth of that. He might have a better sense of why his country leads the world in prosperity for our citizens and realize the fact that most Americans would love to lead all the other citizens of  the world to the same levels of freedom and prosperity.

But this guy, supposedly the most powerful man in the world, bows down? I'm of two minds here, the first being that he's suffering from AAIIS and is simply insecure and unsure of himself. That would seem to be borne out by his wimpy acquiescence to the horrid disrespect shown him by the Russians on repeated occasions. The other, more sinister, view I must consider is that he intentionally seeks to debase our nation in the theater of world politics for purposes of advancing his socialist agenda. Remember the basic tenet of socialism: it is a leveling of all things, including nations.

What more graphic demonstration of the leveling of geopolitical power could there be than the leader of the world's most powerful nation-state bowing to third world tyrants?