Wash. Post's glaring omissions underscore anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian agenda

In its June 20 edition, the Washington Post runs no fewer than three articles on Israel -- its collaboration with the United States on cyber-warfare against Iran, the torching of a Palestinian mosque in the West Bank by suspected radical Israeli settlers, and a lengthy interview with Shaul Mofaz, the leader of the Kadima party which has become part of a wider Israeli governing coalition under Prime Minister Netanyahu. You would think that all the space devoted to these topics covers all important issues of the day.  You might think so; but you would be wrong -- in spades. Let's start with Jerusalem bureau chief Karin Brulliard's interview with Mofaz, spread across six columns at the top of the front page of the world news section ("New voice at Israel's table pushes for peace - Deputy Premier Shaul Mofaz says the Palestinian conflict, not Iran's nuclear program, is the most acute threat to the Jewish state" Page A10). The main focus of Brulliard's article is on a Mofaz proposal...(Read Full Post)