Affirmative Action in China?

Affirmative action...uh, alive and well in China, a distorted fun house mirror image of its application in the USA according to Isaac Stone Fish writing in Foreign Policy. Referring to an article, "Rent a White Guy" in The Atlantic, Stone writes that this liberal reviled US male is valued in China because

a Chinese company will employ a foreigner part-time to sit near the front of an office or to join in on meetings because it apparently adds a level of sophistication.

Fish sums up the ideal candidate as "a tall, white, male, Jewish, Harvard-educated fluent Mandarin speaker."

There is no mention if being 1/32nd Jewish and/or white and/or male with low cheekbones and family lore of this background qualifies. Looks are apparently important. If interested please apply to...

Oh, Elizabeth Warren need not apply.