USDA suggests throwing a party to swell foodstamp rolls

This Department of Agriculture pamphlet suggests "5 Fresh Ideas" on how to get people to sign up for food stamps.

In this instance, they are targeting seniors:

Throw a Great Party. Host social events where people mix and mingle. Make it fun by having activities, games, food, and entertainment, and provide information about SNAP. Putting SNAP information in a game format like BINGO, crossword puzzles, or even a "true/false" quiz is fun and helps get your message across in a memorable way. (H/T: Weasel Zippers)

Recall that the federal government is also spending millions on advertising spots and PSA's to beat the bushes for dependents.

It seems immoral to advocate for dependency on government. But that is the state of government in the early 2000's and will probably continue regardless of who is president.

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