US puts negotiations with Pakistan on Afghan supply route on hold

It doesn't appear to be a permanent break, but the fact that US negotiators are going home without securing a supply line from Pakistan into Afghanistan only shows the depth of the fracture in relations between the two countries. Wall Street Journal: Despite the apparent fracture, however, U.S. and Pakistani officials said many of the details of a proposed deal to reopen the border crossing have been tentatively agreed. U.S. officials said they were awaiting a decision by Pakistani leaders and were ready to send back their negotiators. On one negotiating point, money, the U.S. signaled it was willing to raise the per container cost to about $500 from about $240, to upgrade Pakistani roads and to release more than $1 billion in military aid payments withheld since last year, officials briefed on the negotiations say. But Pakistani officials continue to demand an apology from the U.S. for a Nov. 26 border incident in which U.S. aircraft killed 24 members of the Pakistani...(Read Full Post)