The Producers Theory of Sarah Palin

Watching Mitt Romney deftly punch back against Obama brings back traumatic memories of McCain's pitiful failure to do the same.  To some careful observers in 2008, McCain seemed to be deliberately trying to lose. So here's a new thought: Suppose McCain's real job was to gracefully lose and that picking Sarah Palin was part of the plan? McCain's dim-witted brain trust figured that picking an obscure first-term governor from Alaska was a certain deal-breaker with the American public. Instead, they discovered to their horror that Sarah was a smash hit and she might actually lead them to victory. Call it "The Producers" theory of 2008: their beautifully planned certain flop was now a disastrous success. What lends credence to this novel theory is that George Soros has been significantly funding McCain since 2001, and that many members of McCain's election team had Soros ties. Furthermore, McCain was implicated in the Keating Five scandal in 1989, in which he received campaign...(Read Full Post)