The Event Registry and You

Quick, before the dynamic duo of Obama-Biden remove their Event Registry comments section!  Go there, read the scathing--and often truly hilarious--comments about this desperate fund raising and name harvesting concept and have a good laugh. Then, to continue your fun summer reading wander over to the conservative tweet site Twitchy which has two sites on this topic, one devoted to tweetable fund raising ideas and another for campaign  slogans.

After enjoying the truly creative suggestions for Democrats add your own and then show a non Event Registry celebrant your message.  As the Registry states, it will be "a gift that we can all appreciate--and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl."

Be forewarned if you do comment or tweet:  unless you approve of this most incredibly tacky campaign stunt since oh, maybe government dependent Julia, you'll be labeled racist.

Obama, Biden and Axelrod--keep up the good work showing us how out of touch you are with America.