Stephanopoulos' Wife Jokes Her Gay Assistant Would Like China's High Number of Males

Whenever I see George Stephanopoulos's wife Ali Wentworth on TV or video, she's irreverent and crude and I wonder why people watch her in the first place. Any serious commentary she might offer generally ends up being washed away by her ridiculous punch lines. This particular video  from her "Daily Shot" series on June 15, 2012 exhibits how Wentworth takes things too far. At the 2:55 minute mark, Wentworth talks about a horrendous story in China where a seven months pregnant woman was forced to have an abortion. She calls the practice "medieval" and seems disgusted with the implications. Then George steps into the breakfast nook and Ali tells him what she and her assistant, John, are talking about. George mumbles something about the discrepancy in the number of males to females in China because of the preference for boys there. The grim discussion turns to a bizarre statement by Wentworth: Ali: They don't think girls are as valuable as boys...I don't think John [Ali's...(Read Full Post)