Shocker: Press in SF sympathetic to tea party protesters at Obama fundraiser

Maybe it was because of D Day.  Or maybe it was because the weather was perfect.  Perhaps, it was the Venus Transit.  But the stars were aligned for the San Francisco Tea Party when Obama blew into town on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 for two last minute, back-to-back fundraisers, just two weeks after his fundraising blitz in Silicon Valley.  Because it was a mid-day, mid-week, last minute event, the San Francisco Tea Party didn't have attendance numbers as high as the previous two Obama Protests attracted (unlike the Occupiers, Tea Partiers have jobs).  Nevertheless, we were in good form and had enough protesters to make an impact with our signature NObama 2012 Finger Waggers (hat tip: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer), a melange of chants and home made signs, and our "Hold the House*Seize the Senate*Nobama 2012," "Romney" and "Hope You Like the Change" signs, all of which can be seen here and here.Thousands of onlookers were lined up along the streets of San Francisco at both...(Read Full Post)