Rio conference on 'sustainability' plans massive intrusion by UN in business

Read what the "sustainable development" crowd has in store for the rest of us if their wacky schemes are ever seriously considered. AFP: About 1,000 corporate leaders from around the world are attending the four-day forum, including Maria das Gracas Silva Foster, chief executive of Brazil's state-owned energy giant Petrobras, and another 1,000 labor activists, investors and government officials. Kell stressed the need to harness "the power of corporate creativity and responsible capital" to foster women's emancipation, poverty eradication, social investment, renewable energy and sustainable food production, as well as to generate water resources. Compact officials noted that upcoming infrastructure needs in the "green" sectors of economically key areas such as energy, agriculture and water are conservatively calculated in the hundreds of billions of dollars a year. With the right incentives and enabling environment, the private sector can make significant and lasting...(Read Full Post)