Obama's Fairness

I've listened to Barack Obama whine so long about fairness that I think my tympanic membranes are bleeding.  B.O. wouldn't know fairness if it walked up and grabbed him by his cuppy ears, unless of course fairness had a wad of hundred dollar bills stapled to its lapel.

Does he think it was fair to the non-black kids who actually worked hard, studied diligently and earned the grades and test scores to be admitted to Columbia or Harvard but were turned away?  Turned away so a dope-smoking, coke-snorting half black guy who couldn't even make his tiny school's starting five in basketball could be waived in?  Could it be the possibility that he claimed to be from Kenya that made his advancement to the front of the line fair?

Maybe in the ethically twisted universe in which Obama's brain resides it is fair for non-union taxpayers to work until they are 65 or even 72 to support the right of school teachers and other union slugs to retire at 50 or 55. Is it fair that these same union members be vested with
gold-plated lifetime health care and still be allowed to go back out into the work force and double or even triple dip?

Was it fair to the border patrol agents like
Brian Terry and the hundreds of others murdered as a result of Eric Holder's gun-walking fiasco that our Justice Department engage in the anti-gun crusade called Fast and Furious?

Was it fair to
circumvent traditional bankruptcy procedures in the bailout of Chrysler and General Motors to steal the investments of the bond-holders in those companies and hand them off to the United Auto Workers?

And is it really fair that the Obamas use the United States Treasury as though it were their personal petty cash account, financing unlimited travel expenses for them and their entourages. Not to mention the fact that Air Force One and Two and the Secret Service are being used in support of Barely the President's desperate, non-stop campaign for re-election.

Americans are as fair-minded a people as any on this planet. Our national sense of fair play is being constantly abraded by B.O. and his media minions, to the point that we will exercise our own version of the Fairness Doctrine come November. A vast majority of Americans will gladly tell this hypocrite and his free-loading cohorts to take a permanent hike.

My biggest concern is that Obama's sense of fairness will have him believe he is entitled to take some souvenirs from the White House for his personal collection. I am afraid this gang will make the Clinton's
pilfering of White House Americana look like petty shoplifting.

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