Obama not feeling the love from overseas anymore

There was a time when President Obama could have run for president of the world. He had sky high approval ratings just about everywhere but in Muslim countries.

But three years of incompetence in foreign affairs has sapped his approval ratings until now, solid majorities in many countries overseas don't think much of our Lightworker.


Approval of Obama's international policies has dropped from 78 percent to 63 percent in Europe; from 34 percent to 15 percent in Muslim countries; from 40 percent to 22 percent in Russia; and from 57 percent to 27 percent in China, reports the Pew Global Attitudes Project.

The study suggests that U.S. foreign policy unilateralism and the Obama administration's aggressive use of drone strikes are partly to blame for the surging global discontentment for Obama's foreign affairs approach.

In 17 of 20 countries, a majority oppose U.S. drone attacks in nations such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Outside of the United States, no plurality exists in support of this policy.

Meanwhile, confidence in Obama specifically has declined over the past three years as well: down 1 percentage point in Russia, 6 points in Europe, 9 in Muslim countries, 13 in Mexico, and 24 in China, according to Pew.

Despite this, most of Europe supports his reelection: For example, 92 percent of French respondents and 89 percent of German respondents want to see Obama voted in for a second term. Brazilians (72 percent) and the Japanese (66 percent) agree, but majorities in Middle Eastern countries oppose a second Obama term - 76 percent of Egyptians, 73 percent of Jordanians and 62 percent of Lebanese respondents.

When asked about the United States as country, most nations still view it favorably. Majorities or pluralities have a favorable opinion of the U.S. in 12 countries, while three nations are closely divided. Only five of 20 countries had a net negative opinion of the U.S.

Nobody would care about this except when he ran for president, Obama promised that the world would love and respect us again.

How's that working out?

At the same time, China has overtaken the United States in perception of which is the world's leading economic power: Among 14 countries, 36 percent chose the U.S., and 42 percent chose China.

The perception of weakness is so palpable, even though the US has twice the GDP of China, people think we're trailing them economically.

We're headed for banana republic status under Obama. And the world is figuring that out.

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