Obama Administration: Cory Booker is 'Dead to Us'

Newark mayor Cory Booker made the mistake of deviating from the Marxocrat Party line, and now he's learning the hard way that illiberal modern liberals don't tolerate dissent.  In fact, zey have vays of making you not talk.  And, it seems, of not talking to you.   As you may remember, Booker incurred Obama administration wrath after he expressed displeasure with the attacks on private equity firms and defended Bain Capital's record.  Now the New York Post is reporting that a ranking administration official has said "He's [Booker is] dead to us," when describing "the prevailing feelings at the White House and Obama headquarters in Chicago," writes the paper.  Wow, you get the feeling that the mayor should perhaps start his car remotely for a while. Lamenting the administration's attitude was former Clinton aide Lanny Davis, who said in an interview that there are "vicious people who are working for the president."  Well, yes, Lanny, they're called...(Read Full Post)