New Hampshire town will have expenses for Obama campaign trip paid for

I blogged about this story yesterday - a New Hampshire town was stuck with $20,000 in police overtime expenses because the Obama campaign had scheduled an appearance. It now appears that an anonymous donor has stepped forward and will pay the police overtime: An anonymous donor has offered the town of Durham, N.H., $20,000 to help cover the local security expenses of President Obama's visit there today. Local governments are responsible for certain police and fire expenses when a president comes to visit; Obama's trip has become a source of local criticism because he is holding a campaign event in Durham, not an official presidential one. "The issue of proper compensation for public services from any political candidate is a matter for discussion at a future Town Council meeting," said Town Council Chairman Jay Gooze, reports the Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald. It's a common problem for local governments that receive political visits, especially in tough economic times. Durham...(Read Full Post)