Netanyahu faces criticism of Turkish flotilla raid, and NY Times piles on

Israel's state comptroller has released a lengthy report that is highly critical of Israel's decision-making in the run-up to a 2010 Turkish flotilla raid that ended in bloodshed on both sides.  Nine Turkish provocateurs aboard the Mavi Marmara, the largest of six ships that sought to breach Israel's blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza, were killed; nine Israeli commandos were wounded. The comptroller's report faults Prime Minister Netanyahu for failing to include more cabinet members and security officials in the planning of the raid and for underestimating warnings that the encounter could turn violent.  At the same time, it acknowledges that, even if there had been more thorough and wider consultations among Israeli security officials, the outcome would not have been different. In a June 13 dispatch posted on the NY Times website, Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner lays out in detail conclusions of the comptroller's report, but then proceeds to  provide historical...(Read Full Post)