Louisiana GOP convention descends into chaos

What happened over the weekend at the Louisiana Republican state convention was a travesty of democracy, with tactics used by the LA GOP "regulars" akin to the worst of the Nazis.

Strong stuff? You betchya. I have made no secret of my disdain for Ron Paul and most of his supporters. But what happened to them at the LA convention is a frightening example of the corruption of power.

Read the whole story here. By the numbers:

1. Ron Paul supporters attended the state caucuses in large numbers, electing 62% of all delegates to the state convention statewide. Rick Santorum may have won the Louisiana primary. But it was Ron Paul delegates, playing by the rules established by the state party, who ended up being the dominant force at the state convention.

2. Having played by the rules in electing a majority of delegates, the Ron Paul supporters continued to abide by procedure and elected a new rules chairman.

3. The state chair refused to recognize that election, calling on the old rules chairman for his report. The new rules chairman rose to protest and was arrested by Shreveport police and dragged from the convention, breaking several of his fingers in the process.

4. The state chair refused to recognize any Ron Paul supporters for any motions. The Ron Paul supporters then carried out a legal vote to remove the old chairman and install a new one. When the new chair tried to take control of the meeting, he was arrested and dragged away by Shreveport police - dislocating his artificial hip in the process.

Thankfully, Mitt Romney's people have agreed to seat the Ron Paul delegates who were elected at the convention. But this ugly example of trampling the rights of citizens must be addressed. Those Louisiana holdovers who lost fair and square and then used police power to overturn the decision of the convention must be disciplined by the national party. The state is safely Republican so there should be no excuse in not dealing with the old guard severely.