Israel and illegal African migrants -- NY Times piles on the guilt, evokes Nazi German

Israel belatedly has begun to address ways of stemming a flood of illegal African infiltrators - some fleeing from persecution but many lured by higher living standards in the Jewish state.  In all, an estimated 60,000 illegal refugees have managed to sneak into Israel, imposing considerable social and economic burdens.  The flood of new arrivals remains unabated, prompting Israeli leaders to warn of a growing threat to the Jewish character of the state. What to do?  The vast majority of illegals are from Sudan and Eritrea, where they face real threats of persecution if they were repatriated.  So they're staying put. Under international law, Israel can't send them back. But others - a small fraction of the total - are from countries where repatriation poses no danger - about 4,500 out of the 60,000.  They didn't flee from persecution; they simply were looking for a better life.  They're not political or ethnic refugees; they're economic ...(Read Full Post)