Iran looking to hide evidence of A-bomb work at military site?

That certainly is one possible conclusion to be drawn from what's happening at Parchin, an Iranian military base that western intelligence agencies have long suspected of carrying out A-bomb work. Reuters: Parchin, which Iran says is a conventional military complex, is at the centre of Western allegations that Iran has conducted experiments - possibly a decade ago - that could help it develop nuclear bombs. Iran denies any such ambition. Last week, a U.S. think-tank published satellite images of Parchin which it said underscored concern that Iran is trying to destroy evidence of possible nuclear weapons-related research. The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) posted the pictures on its website hours after the IAEA showed diplomats at a closed-door briefing similar images that Western envoys said indicated a clean-up at Parchin. "The satellite imagery indicates that these activities include the use of water, demolishing of buildings, removing fences...(Read Full Post)