Huge exit poll disaster for all the networks in Wisconsin

Exit polls showed a tie. They had Walker up 13 among men, and Barrett up 12 among women, with slightly more women voters,  right after polls closed.  I was getting nervous.  I think Walker may wind up winning by more than ten points. That is a huge miss for exit pollsters. One little known Illinois pollster, We Ask America, had Walker up 12 with big survey done on Sunday, over 1,000 voters. Nate Silver of the New York Times was skeptical of their numbers.  PPP, a Dem pollster,  had it as a 3 point race the same day. Their numbers have been very favorable to Obama in every state.  I bet Axelrod, Messina, and Plouffe are looking at some of the state polls this morning a bit differently.  The Obama campaign is putting out the story that in exit polls, Obama beat Romney by 11.  And if  the exit polls are wrong by ten points or more, what then? Dems are of course blaming Citizens United and a funding imbalance, but it looks like Walker...(Read Full Post)