How do you say 'It's the economy, stupid' in Spanish?

The Obama economy has done more to stem the tide of illegal immigration than any fence could.   Because of the misguided notion that Hispanics vote as a group, many in the pundit class fall in line behind the Left's talking points that Obama is walking away with the Hispanic vote.

It is far easier to place people in groups than it is to see individuals and families dealing with real life issues and day-to-day struggles.  The economy is continually polled as the number one issue for all American voters, no matter the "community".

Liberals in America see themselves as all knowing and the only true dispensers of wisdom as it relates to the needs and wants of the "peasant class".  Why anyone would want to be herded into corrals of liberal labels and branded accordingly like dumb cattle is more than a head-scratcher. 

For the all-important coming election, the big mistake on the Left is that there is a "magic chip" that tags most Hispanics, whose ancestry by the way originates from dozens of countries around the globe, as needy and ready to be cashed in like the African-American community was years ago. That's a gamble that is likely to come up bust in November. It's the economy, stupid (how do you say that in Spanish?). 

Mr. Estrada is a current Gilbert, Arizona Justice of the Peace candidate

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