Hard Questions for Conservatives In the Wake of SCOTUS Ruling

As everybody knows by now, the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare. Bush appointee John Roberts cast the deciding vote, allowing the "individual mandate" to proceed as a "tax" - even though the Obama administration argued that it wasn't. Welcome to socialized medicine in the U.S.A. At this point, conservatives need to ask themselves some very hard questions: 1. Roberts is the latest in a long line of supposedly "conservative" Republican Supreme Court appointees to vastly expand government power. Earl Warren, Harry Blackmun, William Brennan, John Paul Stevens, Sandra O'Connor, and David Souter all advanced left-wing policies to make them part of mainstream constitutional law.  As Dwight Eisenhower said, he made two mistakes as president -- and they were both on the Supreme Court. Obviously, hitching conservative fortunes to Republican judicial appointees, and the Republican Party generally, has been a failure. Is it time for a conservative third party? 2. The United Sates is not...(Read Full Post)