Hamas fires 150 rockets into Israel over the last 6 days

A barrage of 150 rockets or more have rained down on southern Israel over the last six days, requiring the Israeli air force to respond by hitting terrorist launchers in Gaza. There were 25 rockets fired yesterday at the town of Sderot. Times of Israel: Gaza-based terrorists fired 25 rockets into southern Israel on Saturday, causing damage to a school and factory. The latest attacks bring the total number of rockets and other projectiles fired from the Strip to approximately 150 over the past six days. Israeli security chiefs held a series of emergency consultations on Saturday -- including a meeting of defense chiefs with Defense Minister Ehud Barak -- and decided to try to avoid a further escalation of hostilities. Amid reports from Gaza Saturday night that Hamas was now seeking a ceasefire, security sources said "quiet will be met with quiet, but further rocket fire will be met with further fire [from Israel]." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also involved in the...(Read Full Post)